Harvard Guy Goes Gonzo
And Harvard taught me so much I had to unlearn some of it in Japan, Mississippi, and Washington, D.C.
Friday, March 10, 2006


For reasons which I can't detail, but which should be obvious to anyone who knows what I do for a living (and which should have been obvious to me before), this blog is being discontinued. Like abandoned cannons and tanks, it is being spiked. It is going into a CIA burn bag. I can hear "Gravedigger" by Dave Matthews coming over the speakers. I'm not in any kind of trouble, but in order to continue doing what I love doing most, I have to put this baby to bed. I do want to hold on to this URL, however, because at some point I hope to revive it. And I did cut and paste all the entries into a Word file, so maybe I can turn them into a book some day. To anyone, friends and strangers, who enjoyed reading this gonzo guff from Harvard and southern Japan and central Mississippi over the past two-plus years, I appreciate it. All I can hope for is that, in writing what I did on this blog, I was never anybody's bitch, and I wrote about stuff that wasn't bullshit. Good night, and good luck, and good riddance to all bad rubbish.

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Telling Quote

"So the doctor said that I had to give up smoking, drinking and swearing if I wanted to live. I gave it all up, and I was cured in a week. Then I saw an old lady friend of mine, and she was in a bad way, going down, down. I said that she had only to give up cigars, whiskey and four-letter words, and she would recover quite nicely. Well, she said she could not give up those things because she had never done any of those things. So there it was. One or two bad habits would have saved her. She was a sinking ship with no freight to throw overboard."

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